In the world of industrial operations, maintaining equipment efficiency and safety is paramount. One crucial component in many conveyor systems is the belt cleaner. This article explores the various types of belt cleaners, their applications, and why they are essential for industries such as coal mining, cement manufacturing, and power generation.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Belt Cleaner?
  3. Types of Belt Cleaners
    1. Primary Belt Cleaners
    1. Secondary Belt Cleaners
    1. V Belt Cleaners
    1. Diagonal Ploughs
    1. V Ploughs
  4. Adjusters and Materials
    1. Spring Adjusters
    1. Ball Adjusters
    1. Bolt Adjusters
  5. Belt Cleaner Spare Parts
    1. Blade Belt Cleaners
    1. Polyurethane Blades
    1. Tungsten Carbide Blades
  6. Applications of Belt Cleaners
  7. Other Conveyor Components
    1. Belt Conveyor
    1. Conveyor Metal Detector
    1. Magnetic Separator
    1. Mechanical Sampling
    1. Coal Sampler
    1. Belt Scale
    1. Rubber Skirt
    1. Impact Cradle and Bed
  8. Safety Conveyor Switches
    1. Pull Cord
    1. Belt Sway
    1. Speed Switch
    1. Chute Switch
    1. Alarm Horn
    1. Paddle Switch
    1. Limit Switch
    1. Level Switch
    1. Belt Alignment Switch
  9. Brands and Certifications
  10. PT. Masusskita United: Your Trusted Supplier
  11. Contact Information
  12. Conclusion

What is a Belt Cleaner?

A belt cleaner, also known as a belt scraper, is a device used in conveyor systems to remove residual material from the conveyor belt. This ensures that the conveyor belt remains clean, reducing the risk of material build-up that could cause damage or inefficiency in the system.

Types of Belt Cleaners

Primary Belt Cleaners

Primary belt cleaners are positioned on the head pulley and are the first line of defense in removing bulk material from the belt. They are highly effective in cleaning and extending the life of the conveyor belt.

Secondary Belt Cleaners

Secondary belt cleaners are installed after the primary cleaners to provide a more thorough cleaning. They remove any remaining material that the primary cleaner may have missed.

V Belt Cleaners

V belt cleaners are designed to clean the belt’s return side, ensuring no material is left behind. They are particularly useful in preventing material build-up on the pulley.

Diagonal Ploughs

Diagonal ploughs are used to clean the belt by diverting materials off the belt. They are usually installed on the return side to prevent material from getting trapped between the belt and pulley.

V Ploughs

V ploughs, similar to diagonal ploughs, help in diverting material off the belt. They are designed to be installed on the return side and are particularly effective in cleaning the belt’s surface.

Adjusters and Materials

Spring Adjusters

Spring adjusters allow for easy adjustment of the belt cleaner, ensuring consistent contact with the belt. This helps maintain effective cleaning even as the belt wears down.

Ball Adjusters

Ball adjusters provide a simple and effective way to adjust the belt cleaner’s position, ensuring optimal cleaning performance.

Bolt Adjusters

Bolt adjusters offer a secure and reliable way to adjust the belt cleaner, ensuring it remains in the correct position for effective cleaning.

Belt Cleaner Spare Parts

Blade Belt Cleaners

Blades are a crucial component of belt cleaners, responsible for scraping off the material from the belt. They come in various materials to suit different applications.

Polyurethane Blades

Polyurethane blades are known for their durability and flexibility, making them ideal for various industrial applications.

Tungsten Carbide Blades

Tungsten carbide blades are extremely hard and wear-resistant, suitable for high-abrasion environments.

Applications of Belt Cleaners

Belt cleaners are used in numerous industries to ensure the efficiency and longevity of conveyor systems. Some key applications include:

  • Coal Mining: Belt cleaners prevent coal build-up on conveyor belts, ensuring smooth and efficient transport.
  • Cement Manufacturing: They keep the conveyor belts clean, preventing material loss and ensuring quality production.
  • Power Generation: In power plants, belt cleaners help maintain the conveyor systems that transport fuel and other materials.

Other Conveyor Components

Belt Conveyor

A belt conveyor is a continuous loop of material that transports goods or materials from one point to another. It is essential in various industries for efficient material handling.

Conveyor Metal Detector

Conveyor metal detectors are used to detect metal contaminants in materials transported on the conveyor belt, ensuring product quality and safety.

Magnetic Separator

A magnetic separator removes metallic impurities from materials transported on the conveyor, improving product purity and protecting downstream equipment.

Mechanical Sampling

Mechanical sampling systems collect samples of materials transported on the conveyor belt for quality control and analysis.

Coal Sampler

A coal sampler collects samples of coal transported on the conveyor belt, ensuring consistent quality and adherence to industry standards.

Belt Scale

A belt scale measures the weight of materials transported on the conveyor belt, providing essential data for process control and inventory management.

Rubber Skirt

Rubber skirts are installed along the edges of the conveyor belt to contain material and prevent spillage.

Impact Cradle and Bed

Impact cradles and beds support the conveyor belt at loading points, reducing damage and wear from heavy material impact.

Safety Conveyor Switches

Pull Cord

Pull cord switches allow operators to stop the conveyor belt in case of an emergency, ensuring worker safety.

Belt Sway

Belt sway switches detect misalignment of the conveyor belt and can trigger alarms or shut down the system to prevent damage.

Speed Switch

Speed switches monitor the speed of the conveyor belt, ensuring it operates within safe and efficient parameters.

Chute Switch

Chute switches detect blockages or material flow issues in chutes, preventing system downtime and material loss.

Alarm Horn

Alarm horns alert operators to potential issues with the conveyor system, allowing for quick response and resolution.

Paddle Switch

Paddle switches detect the presence of materials on the conveyor belt, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation.

Limit Switch

Limit switches monitor the position of moving parts in the conveyor system, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Level Switch

Level switches detect the level of materials in hoppers or bins, preventing overflows and ensuring consistent material flow.

Belt Alignment Switch

Belt alignment switches ensure the conveyor belt remains aligned, preventing damage and ensuring efficient operation.

Brands and Certifications

PT. Masusskita United offers belt cleaners and conveyor components from renowned global brands, ensuring quality and reliability. Some of the brands we offer include:

  • DSS Dae Sung (Korea)
  • JinKwang (Korea)
  • Matsusima (Japan)
  • Elmec (Brazil)
  • Omron (Japan)
  • China (Various manufacturers)

All our products come with a 12-month warranty and manufacturer certification, providing peace of mind and assurance of quality.

PT. Masusskita United: Your Trusted Supplier

Founded in 2007, PT. Masusskita United is a leading supplier of industrial conveyor components in Indonesia. We specialize in providing high-quality spare parts and safety equipment for conveyor systems, serving a wide range of industries including coal mining, gold mining, power generation, cement manufacturing, and fertilizer production.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us a trusted partner for numerous industrial operations across Indonesia.

Contact Information

For more information about our products and services, please contact us:



Belt cleaners are essential components in conveyor systems, ensuring efficient operation and longevity of the equipment. By understanding the different types of belt cleaners, their applications, and the importance of quality components, industries can optimize their material handling processes and maintain high standards of safety and efficiency. PT. Masusskita United offers a comprehensive range of belt cleaners and conveyor components, backed by quality certifications and a commitment to customer satisfaction. For all your conveyor system needs, trust PT. Masusskita United to provide reliable, high-quality solutions.

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